The Sandman a wonderful story by Hans Christian Andersen

The Sandman by Hans Christian

as written in
Children’s Treasure Book

There is no one
in the whole world who knows so many stories as the
Sandman. Oh ! his are delightful
In the evening, when children are sitting quietly
at the table, or on their little stools, he takes
off his shoes, comes softly upstairs, opens the
doorway gently, and all on a sudden throws dust
into the children’s eyes. he then glides behind
them, and breathes lightly, very lightly upon their
necks and their heads become oh, so heavy! But it
does them no harm, the the Sandman means it kindly;
he only wants the children to be quiet when they
are in bed.
the children are asleep, the Sandman sits down upon
the bed; he is gaily dressed, and his coat is of
silk; but of what colour it is impossible to say,
for it seems now green, now red, now blue,
according to the light. Under each arm he holds an
umbrella; one, which has pictures painted on it he
holds over the good children: it makes them have
the most delightful dreams all night long. The
other, which has nothing on it, he holds over
naughty children, so that they sleep heavily, and
awake in the morning without having dreamed at
now I will let you hear what stories the Sandman
told to a little boy who was called Hialmar, to
whom he came every evening for a whole week
through. There are seven stories altogether for as
you know each week has seven days and seven nights.
Tonight I am putting the whole of Monday and
Tuesday into print. here at Theatre Show, page 43.

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