Did you know that Bo-Peep, married Boy Blue, and AA Milne didn’t mention Pooh Bear once!!


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Little Bo-Peep
"What have you done with your sheep,
Little, Bo-Peep ?"
"What have you done with your sheep,
Bo-Peep ?"

"Little Boy Blue, what fun !
I’ve lost them every one !"

"Oh what a thing to have done,
Little Bo-Peep !

" What have you done with your sheep,
Little Boy Blue ?
What have you done with your sheep,
Boy Blue ?"

"Little Bo-Peep, my sheep
Went off, when I was asleep."

"I’m sorry about your sheep,
Little Boy Blue."

Little Lamb
"What are you going to do,
Little Bo-Peep ?
Little Lamb
Little LambWhat are you going to do,
Bo-Peep ?

"Little Boy Blue, you’ll see
Little Lamb
They’ll all come home to tea, "
"They wouldn’t do that for me,
Little Bo-Peep."

Little Boy Blue"What are you going to do,
Little Boy Blue ?
What are going to do,
Boy Blue ?"

"Little Bo-Peep, I’ll blow
My horn for an hour or so,"

" Isn’t that rather slow,
Little Boy Blue ?

"Whom are you going to marry,
Little-Bo-Beep ?
Whom are you going to marry,
Bo-Peep ?"

"Little Boy Blue, Boy Blue,
I’d like to marry you."

"I think I should like it too,
Little Bo-Peep."

"Where are we going to live,Will you look after  me
Little Boy Blue ?
Where are we going to live,
Boy Blue ?"

"Little Bo-Peep,Bo-Peep,
Up  in the hills with the sheep,"

"And you’ll love your little Bo-Peep,
Little Boy Blue ? "

"I’ll love you for ever, and ever,
Little Bo-Peep.
I’ll love you for ever and ever,
Bo-Peep. "

"Little Boy Blue, my dear,
Keep near, keep very near."

"I shall be always here.
"Little Bo- Peep. "

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Gosh, where to start. No idea, it just seems that all my private websites have now been taken over by Wordpress . Which has resulted in my own web stats plummeting as everyone can see bits and pieces of my work here. Sometimes leaving things the way they were is so much better. Thank you Seligor. xxx 2 years later. Goodness me. I have just had a new PC and with that this wonderful man installed all the things from my old one.And here I am two years later fining your comments and feeling very bad because it has been so rude of me.. I must ask you to get back to me, for I have no idea if you ever did sign up to word press. Of course if you need any help to make it a bit special just get in touch either on wordpress or my Face book which is "Dorothy Dot Milnes-Simm "

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